Sports Betting is Fun with a Bet365 Parlay Bonus

Bet365 Parlay Bonus Offers

Popular gaming site Bet365 is the premier sports betting site on the world wide web today. With revenue in the billions of dollars, Bet365 is an industry leader. With clients across the globe, along with a comprehensive offering of sports betting, traditional casino gambling and much more, Bet365 has seemingly unlocked the secret to creating a super successful gaming and sports betting site.

Bet365's sports betting customers are fiercely loyal. With countless sports betting offerings, plus a bevy of casino games, Bet365 has everything a casino lover could want. In particular, the Bet365 parlay bonus gives players the chance to multiply their winnings, and add some fun and creativity to their bets. We wanted to find out what made the Bet365 Parlay bonus so popular. Here is what we found.

Overview of Bet365 Sports Betting

Bet365 has nearly 20 years of experience in sports betting history, and welcomes players from all around the globe. Bet265 takes bets on nearly every sport competition imaginable, including football, basketball, cricket, handball, golf, soccer, baseball, and many others. Players can review the games, make straight bets, or various parlay and prop bets to increase their winnings and make the games more exciting from a spectator standpoint. Bet365 even offers livestream opportunities for players to watch their selected game,and place bets during game play. However, the Bet365 parlay bonus seems to be their most popular betting option.

Bet365 also has a full casino, with a large selection of slot machines, table games, as well as speciality gaming, as well as bingo. The slot offerings include many of the popular games seen in brick and mortar casinos, as well as a comprehensive selection of progressive slots, for gamers who prefer playing for large jackpots and big wins!

What is a Parlay Bet?

Bet365 offers players a variety of promotions and bonus opportunities. As with any sports betting opportunities, one of the most exciting ways to bet is by using parlays. The Bet365 parlay bonus pays an extra winning percentage to players who win multiple game parlay bets.

For anyone not completely familiar with the intricacies of sports betting, parlay bets, sometimes called an accumulator or a combo bet, is a single bet that links two or more individual wagered bets. For example, using American Football, if the Eagles are playing the Lions and the Cowboys are playing the 49ers, a parlay bet would be a single bet that encompasses both games. A player could bet that the Cowboys will win their game, and the Eagles would win against the Lions. The player only wins his or her bet if each wager is successful. The player must win all the individual wagers in the parlay bet to win the parlay. If either team selected loses their game, the player loses the parlay.

Bet365 Parlay Bonus opportunities are very popular because parlay bets pay much better than individual bets. Since the odds of winning decrease, due to 2 or more independent wagers in the parlay, the overall payout increases. The more bets included in a parlay, the higher the payout. Parlay bets are very common in sports betting, and the Bet365 Parlay Bonus allows players to capitalize on a single bet, with numerous wagers.

Bet365 Parlay Bonus Opportunities

bet365 parlay bonus

The Bet365 parlay bonus is one of the most popular betting options available at the gaming site. Typically, there will be several different parlay bet options available for players to choose from. Players can find the Bet365 parlay bonus options for which they are eligible by logging into their Bet365 player account, and clicking onto the "promotions" screen.

Any Bet365 parlay bonus opportunities available to the player will be listed on their promotions page. Players simply click onto the promotion to read the rules and confirm their eligibility. Bet365 parlay bonus options include Horse Racing, Tennis, as well as College and Pro American and Canadian Sports, and include a variety of sports, bets, and game options.

How to Play an Accumulator

Playing a Bet365 parlay bonus, or accumulator bet can seem confusing at first, but it is fairly simple. It is not much different than standard sports betting on the site. First, the players should find the market they wish to bet, whether it is Pro Football, Horse Racing, College Basketball, etc. Once the market and games have been identified, players should input each bet separately on their bet slip. A Bet365 parlay bonus bet can include anywhere from 2 to 14 different games.

Once the bet slip has been completed, and all applicable games are added, only a single wager amount should be placed for the bet. This is what makes it an accumulator bet versus separate bets. The player should input the amount they intend to wager, called the stake, into the multiple options box. For a 4 game accumulator bet, the player should pick the 4-fold box, a 6-game parlay bet would be placed in the 6-fold box, etc. Once that is completed, the player simply finalizes the bet, and it's ready to go!

Cashing out a Bet365 Parlay Bonus Bet

With parlay bets, players can cash out midway through if they decide to. With a 12 game bet, Bet365 sports betting will continually update the cash out amount, depending on the overall performance of the teams and individuals bets. For winning parlay bets, players can see their cashout profit amount, and they can choose to cash out before all the games are over, or they take the risk and see the entire parlay to the end. For bets that include losing games, the cash out amount will be much smaller, if a cash out is possible.

Risk and Reward

Bet365 Parlay Bonus Bets are riskier than a standard straight bet, simply because there are more chances to lose. To win the largest bonuses, players must keep all bets in play for the duration of the games or matches, without cashing out early. Once all games are complete, for winning parlay bets, there are bonus percentages paid out for winning bets. For example, a 5 team parlay bet will typically pay an additional 20% bonus, a 7 team bet will pay 30%. The more teams, the higher the bonus offered on the win.

Sometimes with parlay sports betting, Bet365 will offer enhanced odds.This is an opportunity to make a higher percentage of bonus on a parlay bet. For players experienced with betting on sports and making parlays, these are the golden opportunities. Typically enhanced odds are offered on popular sports, such as soccer or American Football. When an enhanced odds bet is available, Bet365 will advertise it as such on the player's promotions page


We hope this took some of the mystery out of the Bet365 Parlay Bonus, the betting process, and how parlay bets work in standard sports betting. While it can definitely take some practice, parlay bets are an exciting and fun way to maximize potential winnings. Good luck and remember to bet responsibly!